This Sunday we discussed how Jesus made it very clear that He came to bring life to those who follow Him. But I fear that even as we strive to follow Him we fail to walk in the abundantly renewed life He intends for us. In our minds we understand that grace is there; it is a gift and its free. Walking in life is simply a matter of choice, but our hearts tell us that it can’t be that easy. 
Perhaps we have walked in the darkness for so long that we don’t know how to walk in the light. Maybe we believe we’re undeserving of the light because of our past, or even present, circumstances. Some of us may have convinced ourselves that we can’t walk in the light because we’ve tried so many times and failed.
Whatever our reason for resisting, we will never find true fulfillment until we stop fighting the change God is wanting to bring in us. God will not force Himself or His mercy on us. We must choose to welcome Him in and walk in the life He brings. Realize that the stakes are high! Until we elect to walk in the full, God kind of life He desires to give us, those around us can’t and won’t be drawn to Him. They won’t see His light reflected in our lives until we choose to walk in its path ourselves. 
I join Paul in the prayer he prayed for his church; that you understand the dimensions of God’s love, so you can be made whole and walk in the fullness of the Lord.

  • Ephesians 3:17-19 - And [I pray] that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to the fullness of God.

Being filled up to the fullness of God is the very definition of abundant life! This comes through a deeper comprehension of Christ’s love. Paul’s explanation of this love is almost three dimensional.

Breadth makes me think of broad shoulders to bear our burdens, concerns, cares, anxieties.

Length illustrates the lengths Christ went to bring us this life. He spared nothing, not even a portion of Himself – He gave it all.

Height alludes to how far His love will stretch to cover us. There is nothing out of His reach.

Depth reminds me that He went to the depths of hell to defeat and overcome the devil; that because He did this my sin – my deepest darkest sin is defeated and has no power over me.

This is what God’s love for us looks like. Because of what Christ did for us out of that love, we can walk in the newness of life that it brings. We just have to choose to do it.
This Sunday we continue with week 2 of our Master’s Message series. We will shed new light on Jesus’s temptation to gain fresh perspective on how overcoming temptation brings life! I have enjoyed reading your posts on Facebook and hearing about what you’ve been learning. Use the hashtag #mastersmessage to keep the conversation going! Share what God is doing in your life or even what He’s challenging you with. As we do this, we can sharpen each other and all become more effective as the King’s Avenue into our community!

In His Service,
John McRae